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Discover the James evolved from Capt. Mike's James River Fishing School, which started in 2001. Guided fishing trips and angling education were the heart of the fishing school, but over the last ten years, the evolution of what began as a fishing-based business, combined with the passion of its owner, has led to explorations of not only the world below the surface but also a study of the river's denizens who thrive in the air above the James as well.

In 2008, the James River Fishing School became more than a fishing guide service. Capt. Mike began running ecological tours, including the popular Bald Eagle Tour. Once he shifted some of his attention to the bald eagles of the James River, he quickly developed a deep understanding of their annual life cycle and a passion to share it.  Along the way, he gained an appreciation of each eagle's individual personality and habits and developed an awareness of the 'population of resident eagles' which allows him to anticipate activity and explain their behaviors at the moment, while you are viewing them in their natural surroundings.

Capt. Mike's Discover the James also offer tours on Osprey, Atlantic Sturgeon, the Civil War Tour and a combination of Wildlife & History.

One of the wonderful benefits from the Eagle Tour has been the incredible images taken of the James River's eagles by a variety of excellent wildlife photographers. Every bald eagle image on was taken during a Capt. Mike's Bald Eagle tour.

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